Bach Mindenkinek Fesztivál 2024.


The Bach for Everyone Festival will be held for the 10th time this year, starting on March 16, 2024. The nationally largest series of classical music programs, which can be visited free of charge, starts in the week of the birthday of the genius Johann Sebastian Bach, who was born on March 21, 1685, in 250 towns of the Carpathian Basin with hundreds of events and an expected number of visitors in the order of tens of thousands, and then continues throughout the year. The Festival's mission is to bring high culture to the widest possible audience, which is why we considered and still consider free of charge essential. Instead of a mandatory ticket purchase, we have opened donation opportunities for indisputably credible social partners. They can collect by appearing at our events, and donations can also be transferred directly to the account number found on our website. This year, we are trying to help the self-sacrificing work of the Reformed Charity Service.

 A little retrospect:Concerts for half a dayDuring the international spread of Bach in the Subways, an initiative born in New York, on Johann Sebastian Bach's birthday, March 21, 2015, the wonderful works of the master of composers were played for the first time in some Budapest subways and squares, as well as in market halls, in a total of 40 short concerts.A growing national festivalBetween 2016 and 2018, the festival grew continuously. Over the years, the half-day became a week, and in the meantime the festival expanded territorially at home and beyond the borders. The locations became concert halls, churches and schools known to the public. But by this time, Bach's music was also played in special places, such as a zoo, an ice dome or a cafe. In 2018, in addition to Budapest and 30 other localities in Hungary, a location in Transylvania was already part of the Bach for Everyone Festival.By 2019, the Bach for Everyone Festival has become one of the biggest festivals in Hungary, and indeed in the Carpathian Basin. By this time, the wide range of performers had been joined by excellent ensembles such as the National Philharmonic Orchestra or the Orchestra of the Hungarian State Opera House. The Bach for Everyone Festival also won the level award of the Hungarian Festival Association. In 2019, the organizers organized the concerts in more than 70 settlements throughout the Carpathian Basin. In addition to Kossuth, Liszt and Prima primissima prize-winning artists, music school students, church organists, orchestras and choirs performed in many places, from well-known concert venues to open-air venues, and our festival was also enriched by music history performances and - because Bach's music has such a streak - playful events, also strengthening the ability to attract everyone.The previous schedule of the Bach for Everyone Festival in March 2020 was overturned with lightning speed. Five days before the start of the festival, everything was already disorganized, just after a few pre-concerts, the country came to a standstill, everyone stayed at home, people could only do their most important tasks behind a mask, there was no question of attending a concert. The largest festival in the Carpathian Basin at that time froze for a moment. But in the end, the concerts were not left behind in that difficult year, we were the first of the major festivals to guide the audience to the online space with Bach's music, and then in the autumn - of course, with the maximum consideration of the epidemiological regulations - the organizers managed to bring some of the programs back to life with the personal presence of the artists.After stormIn 2021, still amidst the regulatory conditions of the pandemic, but already armed with the innovations of the previous year, the Bach for Everyone Festival team immediately prepared a hybrid festival. In March, we invited the audience to online concerts. There were lightning concerts during the day, premieres and big concerts in the evening, and the organizers responded to the "wakeful nights" that became so common during the lockdown with midnight music. The online festival was followed by a total of 200,000 audiences at the actual times, and later, taking advantage of the internet availability of a significant part of these programs, the number of viewers of the first period of the festival could of course increase further. Summer and autumn have already brought the possibility of outdoor events, so the Bach for Everyone Festival could once again become a hybrid series of events and encompass the whole year. Beyond the border in Dunaszerdahely on October 10, and within the borders in the Advent program of Millenáris Park on December 12, the last festival concert of the year, given in front of an audience, took place.In 2022 and 2023, the focus was again on personal meetings. The Bach for Everyone Festival has continued to expand in recent years, the number of settlements has increased to over 100, and the organizers have made Bach's voice heard outside of Europe, with Australia being the farthest country.2024.March 16-31, 2024 Bach's timeless music will be performed in more than 250 settlements in the framework of around 380 events. In concert halls, churches, schools, hospitals, and outdoors. What used to be a small event has become a giant festival, which brings to life the eternal melodies of the prince of composers with dozens of additional concerts until the end of the year. What hasn't changed is that we welcome the public for free in the most prestigious concert venues as well as in the open air, from church choirs to Kossuth award-winning performers. With a great deal of volunteerism and dedication to art, we try to maintain and even increase the scope of our festival year after year. Bach deserves, and we really deserve, truly noble, soul-lifting relaxation. The motto of our festival follows the spirit of Bach: "Churches in the heart - music in the churches of the heart".



Bach Mindenkinek Festival

Das Bach für Alle Festival wird zwischen den 18 und 24 März 2019 zum fünften Mal organisiert, während dem Jubiläum von Johann Sebastian Bachs Geburtstags. Konzerte finden in Konzerthallen, Kirchen, Schulen, Krankenhäuser, Metros, Plätze statt. In diesen sieben Tagen hat Kultur die Möglichkeit durch die Musik von Bach in Budapest und viele Städte in und draußen Ungarn Zehntausende Menschen zu erreichen.

Der Anfang - Bach in den U-Bahnen

Das internationale Ereignis wurde von Cellist Dale Henderson aus New York in 2010 gestartet. Sein Ziel war, klassische Musik weltweit bekannt zu machen. Jedes Jahr im März feiern Musiker/innen nahe des Jubiläums vom Geburtstag des Meisters mit öffentlichen Konzerten. Die Musik von Bach ist wie ein Geschenk für das Publikum, als Eintritt in die Welt die klassische Musik gedacht. Ungarn trat in 2015 bei, mit 5 Lokationen in der Innenstadt, und die Popularität wuchs seitdem exponentiell.

Das Festival in 2018

Mit Voluntarismus, Engagement und Abstimmung wurde in 2018 das erste klassische Musikfestival seit dem Anfang von Bach in den U-Bahnen, die gratis ist, und als Festival qualifiziert. Mehr als 2000 Künstler, preisgekrönte Musiker (wie Kossuth und Liszt Preis) und national Orchester haben zirka 300 Konzerte in 33 Standorten gehalten. Die hochverehrte Musiker haben auch pro bono gespielt, und mehr als 40,000 Leuten wurden durch Musik erreicht.

Bach Mindenkinek Festival – 18-24 März 2019

16-17 März 2019: Vor-Festival Ereignisse; 18 März 2019: Eröffnungsfeier; 19-24 März 2019: Programme im Karpatenbecken

Die Energie von dem Festival im 2018 erlaubt uns die Möglichkeit, das Festival im 2019 nochmal zu organisieren. Jetzt haben wir Lokationen nicht nur in Budapest, sondern im ganzen Land, als auch außerhalb die Grenzen, mit verschiedene Programme im Karpatenbecken. Gefeierte Solisten, Orchester, Chöre, Musik Akademie Studenten, Kirchenchöre und weitere Künstler werden in Konzerthallen, Kirchen und offenen Standorten spielen. Die Höhepunkt des Festivals wird die Orchester aus Deutschland (Geburtsland von der Komponist). Alle Besuchern haben die Möglichkeit, das Bethesda Kinderkrankenhaus zu unterstützen, damit eine Beatmungsgerät gekauft werden kann. Andere karitative Programme enthalten kleine Konzerte in verschiedene Gesundheitsinstitute mit kooperation des Ungarische Krankenhausgesellschafts, und Besuche von Justizvollzugsanstalten, um seelsorgerisch Dienste durch Musik zu bringen. Unserem Festival wird aus Programme für Kinder und Familien, Kirchenkonzerte und umfassende Kunst Vorstellungen gebildet. Wir hoffen auf ein mindestens 80% Wachstum unseres Publikums, im Vergleich zu letzten Jahr. Und mit Interesse von Sponsoren für die nächste Festival, erwarten wir größere Medieninteresse auch.