Bach Mindenkinek Festival

Between 18-24 March 2019 is organised the Bach Mindenkinek Festival for the 5th time on the occasion of the anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach’s birth, entailing concerts in concert halls, churches, schools, hospitals, subways, squares… Seven days when culture has a chance to call out to tens of thousands through the music of Bach in Budapest and several cities and towns both within and outside the country.

The Beginnings – Bach in the Subways

The international event was initiated by New York based cellist, Dale Henderson, in 2010 as an attempt to garner more attention and recognition for classical music. Every March, around the noteworthy anniversary, musicians across the world celebrate the late master by performing concerts on public venues. Bach’s music in these instances serves as a gift to the audience, an effort to facilitate the entry into the world of classical music. Hungary joined the initiative in 2015, when 5 downtown locations in Budapest staged the event, and ever since then its popularity grew exponentially.

The Festival in 2018

Owing to voluntarism, commitment and coordination, a string of events emerged by 2018, becoming the number one classical music festival requiring no entrance fee, ultimately fulfilling the original initiative of Bach in the Subways the first time since its inception. More than 2000 performers, including Kossuth and Liszt Prize winner artists and leading national orchestras presented over 300 concerts across 33 localities nationwide in concert halls, churches, institutions and similar locations. Even the most esteemed artists performed pro bono, and the total number of people reached by the extraordinary event surpassed 40,000.

Bach Mindenkinek Festival – 18-24 March 2019

16-17 March 2019: pre-festival events; 18 March 2019: opening ceremony; 19-24 March 2019: programmes in the Carpathian Basin

The energy and momentum of the 2018 Festival’s outstanding reception allows us to prepare for the event in 2019, expanding its horizon to include locations outside Budapest and the borders, giving rise to a palette of over 500 diverse programmes across the Carpathian Basin. Highly acclaimed soloists, orchestras and choirs beside music academy students, church choirs and other artists are to perform in concert halls, churches and outdoor locations. A highlight of the Festival presents an orchestra from the great composer’s homeland, Germany, and the visitors to the free programmes are welcome to support the Bethesda Children Hospital in purchasing a new medical ventilator. Another aspect of charity includes the opportunity for us to bring small concerts to patients in several healthcare institutions in cooperation with the Hungarian Hospital Association; also the visiting of correctional facilities to provide pastoral service through music. Last, but not least, the Festival comprises programmes for children and families, church concerts and comprehensive art performances. We are expecting at least a 80%, if not a 100%, growth of the audience compared to last year, and since sponsors for next year’s Festival are already indicating their interest, we can anticipate a rising media attention as well.

Additional information:

Zalán László Kovács, festival director: igazgato@bachmindenkinek.hu


József Sipos, director of communications: sipos.jozsef@bachmindenkinek.hu








A compilation from the concerts

16 March 2019 Mátyás church

  • Kodály Choir and Kodály Philharmonic

17 March 2019 Music Academy

  • Erika Miklósa singer, Béla Drahos (flute), musicians of the Hungarian State Opera

18 March 2019 Rendőrpalota – Teve Street

  • Opening concert of the Festival – Hungarian State Opera, Edina Mókus Szirtes (violin)

19 March 2019 Budapest Zoo Csillaghegy – Varázstér

  • Saint Ephraim Male Choir, Budapest Singing School, Mihály Demeniv (accordion)

20 March 2019  Budai Vigadó

  • Fonó Zenekar

21 March 2019 St. Stephen’s Basilica

  • Police Orchestra (Hungary and Munich)

22 March 2019  MOM Cultural Center, Színházterem

  • Talamba Percussion Band, Veronika Harcsa singer

23 March 2019 Royal Palace of Gödöllő

  • Tatai Helyőrségi Zenekar, Veronika Harcsa singer

24 March 2019 Szentendre Town Hall

  • Zalán László Kovács (tuba), Zsuzsanna Bojta singer, Dunakeszi Symphony Orchestra, Klára Bábel (harp)

During the Festival – Katalin Pitti singer, tour in Transylvania and the Carpathian Basin

Bach in the Subways 23 March 2019 Concerts outdoors, in subways, shopping centres, railway stations on public transport

Chorale sing-along – Several localities, the audience can join the leading choirs and orchestras

Central locations of the Festival: Budapest, Debrecen, Kaposvár, Kőszeg, Szolnok,

  • Miskolc, Szentendre, Beregszász, Kolozsvár


Festival Director, Patron: Zalán László Kovács

Tamás Vásáry, tuba player, Kossuth Prize-winning pianist, conductor

Ambassadors: Dénes Gulyás, János Kovács, Kossuth Prize-winning

singer, Kossuth Prize winning conductor

Travel ambassadors: Klára Bábel, Katalin Pitti harp player,

Liszt Prize-winning singer

Ditta Rohmann Junior Prima

Prize-winning cellist

BMF Prize advisory board: Salamon Kamp, Iván Madarász

Kossuth Prize-winning conductor, Kossuth Prize-winning composer

István Márta, Ádám Medvezcky Erkel Prize-winning composer, Kossuth Prize-winning conductor

Magyar Fesztiválszövetség, chairman

Top Orchestras:  Kodály Philharmonia of Debrecen, Hungarian State Opera, Police Orchestra of Munich, Hungarian National Philharmonic, Szolnok Symphonic Orchestra, Philharmonia of Cluj Napoca

Top performers: Mihály Demeniv, Virtuózok special prize-winner accordion player Dániel Gryllus Kossuth Prize-winning performer, Vilmos Gryllus Vilmos Kossuth Prize-winning performer, Veronika Harcsa singer, Géza D. Hegedűs Kossuth Prize-winning actor, Endre Hegedűs Kossuth Prize-winning pianist, Aurél Holló Kossuth Prize-winning percussion performer, Edit Krizsán Olympic bronze medalist chess player, György Lakatos Liszt Prize-winning bassoonist, Erika Miklósa Kossuth Prize-winning singer

Edina Mókus Szirtes violinist

András Gábor Virágh Liszt Prize-winning organist