Bach in the Subways – Bach Mindenkinek Festival
21-25 of March, 2018

The Bach in the Subways (in hungarian: Bach mindenkinek) is an international program invented by Dale Henderson, a cello player from New York. It was first organized in 2010 and it’s goal to rase the popularity of classical music.

Every year in March, around the date of J. S. Bach’s birthday, all around the world excellent musicians celebrate the master with free concerts in the subways and other public places. They play Bach’s music as a present for the audience, to make them easier to be more familiar with classical music.

Hungary joined for this program in 2015. Because of the succes of last year’s event on the 19th of March 2016 in the inner city of Budapest, and on the 20th of March in the Budapest Zoo we re-organize this program. Our main goal is to make the subways, market halls and other public places of Budapest full with Bach’s music.

Zalán László Kovács, festival director

Email: bachmindenkinekbudapest@gmail.com