Bach in the Subways – Bach Mindenkinek Festival
19-24 of March, 2019


For the 5th time will be organized the festival Bach in the subways in 2019, on the occasion of Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday. Concerts in subways, churches, concert halls or on squares. Five days, when In Budapest and in many other cities you can hear only Bach!

The Bach in the Subways is an international program invented by Dale Henderson, a cello player from New York. It was first organized in 2010 and its goal to raise the popularity of classical music.

Every year in March, around the date of J. S. Bach’s birthday, all around the world excellent musicians celebrate the master with free concerts in the subways and on other public places. They play Bach’s music as a present for the audience, to make them more familiar with classical music.

Hungary joined to this program in 2015. Since them the festival is organized every year. Originally there were 5 places, where the program was organized. More and more artists and music institutes joined, so by 2017 it became a festival.

The main objective of the festival is to spread the classical music to everyone. That is why the musicians are being motivated to create performances a different style of or on unusual places. Different side events (presentations, unique events) can present the baroque era and classical culture. The audience can join to different part of the show. There will be a new generation of people committed to classical music.

Organizers and artists are convinced they are creating real values, since it would be very difficult to represent a more valuable project then the music of Bach.

In few years this event turned into a nationwide festival with more hundred programs.

Another mission of the festival is to spread the spirit of Bach for the funs of classic music and for all the people.

In 2018 33 cities joined to the Festival at 120 concert venues with 300 programmes and 2000 performers.

Bach in the Subways: 03. 23. 2019.

Venues: Fővám square great market hall, Hegyvidék Bevásárlóközpont, Kálvin square (in front of the  Reformed Church), Kálvin square subway, MOM biomarket, Opera M1 subway, Deák Ferenc square.